The Team

Alberto López Núñez

Head Coach

15 years of experience as a coach at Bruguera Tennis Academy training professional players.
He was Garbiñe Muguruza’s coach for more than 5 years.
Former Aslan Karatsev coach (top 40 ATP)
Former coach of Marius Copil (56 ATP)
Former coach of Jürgen Zoop (71 ATP)
Former Marsel Ilhan coach (77 ATP)

Manuel Rodríguez Messina

Advanced level Tennis Coach

Tennis school director at CENTRO ITALO-VENEZOLANO (Caracas- Venezuela)
More than 8 years of experience as a competition coach at Bruguera Tennis
Academy (Barcelona, ​​Spain) training players of different levels, ITF Juniors, ITF pro tour and WTA.
Former coach Basak Eraydin (150 WTA)
Former coach Irina Bara (118 WTA)
Former coach Sebastiana Scilipoti (31 ITF Junior)

Carlos Palma

Advanced Level Tennis Coach

Sub director of the afternoon school for 3 years at TENNIS 66 (Barcelona)
Competition group coach and experience training professional players in ACE
Barcelona Tennis Academy for more than 4 years and deputy director of the children’s school.
Competition coach and afternoon school director at Bruguera Tennis Academy in Barcelona (2016-2020).

Joan Francesc Español

Physical Trainer

Bachelor’s degree in “Science of Physical Activity and Sports” INEFC and Università degli Studi di Milano.
Head Fitness Coach for 8 years at Bruguera Tennis Academy (Barcelona, ​​Spain)
Track and Field Coach (Interned as Assistant) University of Toronto (Canada)
Strength conditioning Personal Trainer
of high performance athletes such as:
A. Karatsev (# 25 ATP)
J. Zopp (# 70 ATP)
B. Eraydin (# 150 WTA)
I. Bara (# 115 WTA)

Miquel Puig González

Managing Director

More than 9 years of experience as Director of Rials Tennis Club.
Degree in “Science of Physical Activity and Sports” in UDG.
PTR Certified Tennis Professional.(NYC)
Consolida’t Program with Barcelona Entrepreneurship Institute.
ITF Academy Diplomas: Ethics in Coaching, Match Data for Tachtical Analysis, Goal Setting for advanced Players and Carreer Management.